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ALL BOATS ARE AVAILABLE DIRECTLY FROM Nambucca Boatshed & Cafe ON THE DAY, ALL BOATS COME FULLY EQUIPPED WITH SAFETY KIT, LIFEJACKETS, OARS, WEATHER COVER AND FULLY FUELLED. You are asked please to bring the following items when choosing to go boating: Drivers Licence, Cash Deposit ($50.00) and Mobile phone. You will then spend 5 minutes on an induction programme on how to drive and operate your boat. To confirm your wonderful outing especially in holiday periods it pays to book ahead. Please fill in the form below and press the SEND button - we will confirm by sending you a copy of your booking. Thank you.


Please note if weather conditions deteriorate and boating becomes unsafe we will automatically notify you of the situation, you may then have any deposit refunded or you may choose to re-book. We believe in safe boating.