Nambucca Boatshed & Cafe
the boatshed brekky
boatshed brekky bacon, eggs, hash browns, roma tomatoes, sausages, salt and pepper mushrooms, and toast $21.90
half boatshed brekky bacon, egg, hash brown, roma tomato, sausage, salt and pepper mushrooms, and toast $15.90
our specialty
house made beans * with grilled sourdough, poached egg and spinach $13.90
salt and pepper mushrooms deep fried mushroom with roasted roma tomatoes, rocket and mascarpone on grilled sourdough $18.90
smashed avocado with blistered tomatoes, fetta, rocket and pesto on grilled sourdough $18.90
eggs & bacon
bacon & egg roll with bbq sauce $9.30
eggs benedict * with bacon, poached eggs, spinach and hollandaise sauce on grilled sourdough (not available after 11am) $18.50
eggs on toast with baby spinach $10.50
bacon and eggs on toast with baby spinach $14.90
something sweet
pancakes with macerated strawberries, maple syrup and house made honeycomb $12.90 (full serve) $8.50 (half serve) + $2.00 (grilled banana) + $1.00 (ice cream)
raisin toast

$5.50 (2 slices) $3.50 (1 slice)
house made banana & walnut bread with vanilla butter $7.50
toast with jam/honey or vegemite $5.00 + $1.00 (gluten free)

Choice of eggs - fried, scrambled or poached          Choice or toasts: white, wholemeal, turkish or sourdough (gluten free bread extra $1.00)

Extras: Eggs $2.50 | Bacon $5.00 | Toast $2.00 | Roasted Roma Tomatoes $2.00 | House made beans $4.50 | Salt and pepper mushroom $6.50 | Hash brown $3.00 | Sausage $3.50 | Avocado $4.50

lunch/light meals
burgers & wraps
house made beef burger with lettuce, tomato, beetroot, cheese, spiced tomato chutney and chips $17.90
missabotti madness roasted pumpkin, chickpea and lentil patty with roasted capsicum, beetroot, olive tapenade, rocket, pesto and aioli on toasted turkish bread $17.90
grilled chicken wrap with bacon, lettuce, avocado, sweet chili sauce, aioli and chips $17.90 + $2.00 (gluten free)
grilled barramundi with garden salad and chips $18.90
battered fish with garden salad and chips $18.90
the calamundi grilled barramundi and herb parmesan crumbed calamari with garden salad and chips $21.50
roasted pumpkin with spinach, spanish onion, feta, grilled capsicums and pine nut with a light basil pesto dressing (GF) $16.90
grilled salmon with mixed salad, snow pea sprouts, and a chili and coriander dressing $22.90
light meals
savoury quiche with garden salad $13.50 $8.90 (quiche only)
cheese burger with cheese and tomato sauce $11.50
fish small grilled or battered fish with garden salad and chips $13.50
calamari small calamari with garden salad and chips $13.50
chicken dippers with chips $9.50
garden salad   $7.90
wedges with aioli and sweet chili sauce $8.50
chips   $7.50 (large) $5.50 (small) $3.00 (side)

Served after 11am ... please note: our chips are NOT 100% GF

Extras: Grilled Barramundi $8.50 | Battered Fish $7.50 | Grilled Chicken $6.50 | Calamari $2.50

coffee & tea
coffee latte - flat white - long black - espresso - macchiato - piccolo latte - affogato $5.00 (mug) $4.00 (cup) $0.90 (extra shot)
pot of tea english breakfast - french earl grey - green - peppermint - golden turmeric - vanilla chai $4.20 tea bag english breakfast $3.90
milkshakes caramel - vanilla - chocolate - strawberry - banana $5.50 (large) $4.50 (small)
thickshake make your milkshake into a thickshake add ice cream + $1.00 add malt + $0.50 add flavouring + $0.50
hot drinks
hot chocolate gluten free $5.00 (mug) $4.20 (cup)
chai latte gluten free $5.00 (mug) $4.20 (cup)
mocha turkish delight exotic hot chocolate and rose syrup with marshmallows $5.90 (mug) $4.90 (cup)
iced/cold drinks
iced coffee/chocolate coffee or chocolate flavoured milk with icecream, whipped cream and lightly dusted with powdered chocolate $6.50
cold drinks in the fridge at various prices